Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Starting in the Middle

"Where on earth is the sun hid away?"

I'm listening to Natalie Merchant, well 10,000 maniacs and pondering this, my first blog post. I might as well start in the middle, contrary to the advice of the Red King to "begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." I'm sure as I ramble the pieces of the puzzle that is my life will begin to fall into place.

So today I woke up in my own bed, which is my favorite place to wake up in the morning, especially having returned from Cali just  days ago. Travel has its own special appeal, but there is nothing like your own blankets, mattress and pillows. I'm a homebody at heart and soul. The best trips are never more than 5 days or 10 if passports are required. That's just me.

So I woke up at the crack of 7 and hit the snooze button, even though I liked the Garth Brooks song that was playing. We just don't have a decent radio station, considering that we are a major market, but really, any noise will do for the split second it takes to hit snooze. Just once today because I had class at 9:30 and I love sitting with the cats and having 2 cups of steamy black coffee even more than I love another 30 minutes of sleep.

Today I even had time for my favorite breakfast, cereal and skim milk. Quaker Oat Squares mixed with Pecan Crunch something or other. No rush to get to class because my teacher is rarely on time and since it is an art school, no one expects art students to conform to anything including a strict schedule. Hey, it's all about the work, as Benedict Cumberbatch (playing Sherlock Holmes) said just last night.

The work wasn't all that great today, as I am learning mostly by trial and error how many ways there are to hose up copper enamel. I spent a lot of my class time today, sanding and starting over. But so it goes. Today was the last official class but I still have about 10 days to finish my final project, which is setting a faceted stone, which means a trip to Jemco tomorrow.

Class ran a bit long so I went directly to my next stop, my monthly deep tissue massage. Lovely you think? Actually not so much. Teresa manhandles me until I tap out. Today we (she) worked strictly on my neck and shoulders. My neck has been stiff for at least a month now. The good thing about that is that it has made the pain in my arm and hand for which I originally sought treatment fade into background noise.

Two more stops before it was home for the tapped out me. A quick stop at Ross because after all Tuesdays are discount days for senior citizens and I love being carded again. It had been a while. A hairbrush and some scrunchies were all the damage I did before the last stop, the dreaded evil post office. Having downed my post-massage bottle of water, I almost skipped the postal service today, but decided I could make it. Short line, packages mailed, yeah me.

Home. I love my house. I love finally being free of the paper chase. I love to just rattle around the house, feeling like a princess, feeling so much gratitude because the way it is today is not the way it always was. More about that. Sometime.

I had a quick bath before dinner, and Neil came home just as I was drying off. We had one of our typical weekday dinners, boiled eggs and toast. I'm a couple of fruits and vegetables down today. Tomorrow, I think a stop at Jamba Juice is on the menu for this kid.

So with that thought I am off to watch a little tube with my beloved and make it an early-ish night. Because I didn't get to make beads today and I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping to get up early and make beads first because summer is around the corner and my studio (my little corner of the garage) gets pretty hot afternoons. And I have an idea for a bead plus some new frit blends to test, so I am excited about getting in a little bead time.

Holding that thought, I will say good night. Good night stars, good night air, good night noises everywhere. Much love.

"Love spoke of my past as a valuable test, and smiled, and said she who loves last loves best" (Dar Williams)

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