Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saying goodbye to spud

"I've been a miner for a heart of gold."

Tonight I will have to say goodbye to little spud. We leave at the crack of 8 tomorrow morning, without passing go or collecting 200 kisses. Dear Grandpa is restless and would rather go home tonight but I want to enjoy one more whole day with the grasshopper, and one more night in this comfy Hampton won't hurt my feelings at all. For the first time in a very long time I am not aching to be home, yearning for the torch, the cat boys and my own sweet bed.

I did have at least one good bead idea on the drive up. I was behind a Target truck for a stretch and all those red and white bullseyes gave me the idea of making some bullseye beads. I might start with a simple color like white. In a simple shape like a barrel, and add a simple bullseye design. I'm thinking minimalist, for instance a white base, black dot, white dot. One, two or three of these on the bead. Maybe give one or two a red or yellow center. Probably I will press the shape. I can see lots of variations on this theme, different color bases, more dots or fewer dots. Maybe interspersed with some patches of glass frit. Working name for the series, hmm.

My first thought was Mark Rothko, but a quick google reminded me he was all about rectangles. Rothko in the Round? Too pretentious? I think there was a painter who used dots, I might be able to google him up if the whole modern art movement didn't essentially paint everything in tiny dots. I am thinking about statement dots. Wonder if google would get that? Red dot paintings, now that's a hit, lots of them categorized under, is this really art? Perfect. Almost. Maybe I'll just call it the Target series.

Right now spud is out with mom and dad and one of his other grandpas getting a three generation of Williams men portrait done, maybe four generations if great grandpa is included. I'm just waiting for the call that they are headed home or noon when I will text my daughter to get an update and risk irritating her, because she did say she would let me know. My husband is happily in our room slaying work email demons but I can't wait to blow this chilly Hampton lobby popsicle stand for the peaceful kingdom of my daughter's living room to hang out with two dogs the size of lions, one small sweet older dog with a bad heart and one rangy cat who is chill about everything, and one 6 lb. and change rockstar who is the center of our universe today.

Funny the power of this little thing whose face already is mapped in my heart, whose every sneeze and gas bubble smile is an enchantment, who already has a hundred facial expressions, all of them cute. Today I need to take a lot of pictures, so I will have enough freeze frames to keep me well inebriated for at least a month after I kiss his downy head goodbye tonight. Because as soon as the buzz wears off, I am coming back for another fix.

"I've been to Hollywood, I've been to Redwood, I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold." Neil Young

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