Monday, June 18, 2012

Smitten and bitten

"The summer child is running, the summer child is running again."

Ryland is definitely a summer child. A cap of golden hair and eyes that threaten to stay blue. Peaches and cream coloring. Can you tell I am completely smitten with this child of my child?

And now I am back home and I miss the little head I looked forward to snogging for so many months. I talked to my daughter today, her first day home alone with baby, husband back at work. By chance the baby was awake when I called and even the sound of him fussing makes my heart beam like the proud grandmama I am.

Today started with a little tug-of-war over what to do first, the necessary errands or time at the torch for the first time in a week. Torch time right now is best in the mornings, before the sun passes the apex of my house and creeps toward my garage studio like a slow but relentless inbound tide. I almost gave in to the temptation to melt glass first, but decided that mailing the beads I sold while I was away and getting milk for my sweetie and kibble for the kitties was my first priority,

Five packages, including one bound for Japan, four gallons of skim milk, 10 lbs. of Purina One and a few sundry edibles later, I turned on the kiln, started the oxygen concentrator, cracked open the propane, donned my didymiums and stuck a match to light up the torch. Having a week off was good for me. For the first time in a month or more, I got my groove back.

I've been playing with colors that are atypical for me. Ivory, with and without silver, coral, turquoise, violet, yellow. Lots and lots of dots upon dots. Scroll work. A southwestern semi-organic style. Interspersed with beads that I am calling my Silver Threads and Golden Needles series, with shards over transparent glass, melted flush, enhanced with twists and finally pressed and adorned with silvery metallic and sparkly goldstone shards left raised, and a few clear crystal dots.

Of course I had to make a floral and some of my silver glass Tears in Heaven beads. And frit beads. Since I've been making and selling my own frit blends, I haven't made frit beads for fun. I've made dozens of test beads, perfecting each blend and when I am happy with the blend I have made sample beads to use in my sale listings. But I picked up some new blends this week, because being away from home doesn't mean being away from my ipad and shopping goes on wherever life takes me.

I got 4 different pink blends and a green blend, which arrived super fast, in fact they beat me home. So I played with two of the pink blends today and it was nice using something other than my own stable of 10 blends. I love my blends, I believe in my blends, but I consider using others' blends to be research and development. It tickles me to be able to identify the colors in the mixes and watch how they play together. I tried them on different base colors and I'm excited to see how they come out of the kiln tomorrow.

It's been a few posts since I shared any eye candy, so here is a peek at my Silver Threads and Golden Needles style. And a rainbow. And the cutest baby in my whole wide world.

"There is time and time to come, underneath the golden sun, and forever will melt slowly in a glass of lemonade." Dar Williams, The Summer Child

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