Friday, June 22, 2012

The Scarlet O'Hara philosophy

"They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time."

Today I indulged myself. I didn't do what I planned to do, what I probably should have done. But sometimes that's OK and today it was OK. As long as I do what I should have done today tomorrow.

What I should have done, what I had planned to do, was go to the post office, go to Ulta to buy more bath salts (yes again), go to the grocery store, and go by Art Glass and Beads, the shop that carries my beads, and return some things I borrowed for my show 3 weeks ago. OK, so I did have a grandbaby in the interim, and that gave me a pass until now.

The quandary that stares me in the face every day during summer in Sugar Land is that mornings are the best time to make beads. But mornings also are the best time to run errands. Except that if I run errands first, it's usually too darn hot to start making beads when I get home, mostly because I am notoriously inefficient when it comes to things like grocery shopping. I somehow get caught up in the experience and spend inordinate amounts of time selecting a wedge of cheese or deciding on breakfast cereals. And we won't even talk about impulse buying.

So obviously, the reasonable thing to do is to make beads for a few hours, for example from 9 am to 1 pm, wash up and then run my errands. If I do them in the right order I could even be close to home before rush hour traffic. Except it didn't exactly work out that way. It never does.

Once I am making beads it is very easy to talk myself into the Scarlet O'Hara philosophy, because, after all, tomorrow is another day. There is just so much pretty glass to melt and Neil did say the temperatures were going to be in the 104 degree range on Saturday. And see, the sun just went behind that cloud, so obviously it only makes sense to keep making beads while it is a relatively cool 98 degrees.

And while Neil did say he was working both days this weekend I think it's even odds that he will work at home tomorrow. I try not to make beads when he is home, even if he is working. When I was working at a real job, I made beads when he was home because I made beads whenever I was home. Now that I'm retired and just working my tail off running my small home-based bead business, I do try to be home, by which I mean inside the house, when Neil is home.

So it wasn't a bit hard to convince myself to make beads until I had used up all my dipped mandrels and could barely cram another bead into the kiln today. And promise myself that tomorrow I would do all the should-have-dones that I didn't do today. Which include finishing my homework for my art class, finishing the assignment I missed when I went to see the new grandbaby and re-doing the first assignment for a better grade. Yes, I have plenty of things on my to-do list to get done between now and my class on Tuesday morning.

I can't say I feel any regret for indulging myself today. Having the muse back in town is reason enough to make beads for 7 hours, and for an even better reason, last night I had my biggest online sale ever, 22 items. If that doesn't give an artist a good excuse to create new inventory, I don't know what does. I have to say, my jaw literally dropped when I got the email notification about the sale, along with the email notification of payment received.

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud and the cloud in this case is sort of funny. I had an item double-listed. I knew this. I noticed it a few days ago but both items had been hearted, the equivalent of a bookmark or watching an item on ebay. I didn't want to delete one, and one was getting close to expiring anyway, so I made a mental note that if one sold I would delete the duplicate. My buyer bought both.

I'm guilty of being tempted to just substitute a similar item and play dumb. I mean, I don't know how that could have happened, do you? But I did the right thing, treading carefully, because who wants to embarrass a customer by telling them that they just bought the same item twice? I fell on my sword, sent photos of the similar item, offered a refund as an alternative and said I'd throw in an extra item either way for the inconvenience. I'd have thrown in the extra item anyway. It's what I do.

As the finishing touch I asked her to let me know if she'd prefer a refund, otherwise I'd mail off her beads today. I waited a decent interval of hours before I printed the shipping label and if I get them to the post office first thing tomorrow it will be as just good as if I drove over there right now to drop them in the night drop.

So of course now I have to leave you with some eye candy. Here is my first Target series bead, along with a couple of my southwestern color beads. And a set in the same color scheme. With organic curdled silvered ivory. And a red plunged floral. Man, life is good.

"I can't complain but sometimes I still do, life's been good to me so far." Joe Walsh

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