Sunday, July 1, 2012

The naming of a glass frit blend

"I want to feel what the wind feels like, I want to go that high."

Today is July 1 and I've been working feverishly (which isn't hard when the temperature hits triple digits) to have my new frit blend, Spumoni, ready to roll out. I thought I was ready, but I made a tweak to the recipe and that meant shooting new pictures. I'm quite happy with it. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pistachio, as delicious to look at the colors as to savor the ice cream confection.

Spumoni will be my 10th blend, and my goal is to launch a new one every month, and to have the next one ready for the ISGB Gathering at the end of July. I can really get lost in the world of frit colors. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at Reichenbach, Kugler and Gaffer colors online and just placed an order for 28 colors, 14 kilos of frit. Six colors to restock my Boysenberry blend and the rest new ones to play with. I have at least half a dozen ideas for new color combinations.

I thought about launching two blends tomorrow. I have several blends in the test phase, Beachcomber, Snapdragon, Camouflage, Empire State, Island Meadow and last night I impulsively decided to make a blend called MacGuffin. A MacGuffin in fiction and film, is generally an object, a Maltese Falcon for example, of which the characters in the story are in hot pursuit, despite the lack of any obvious reason why the MacGuffin is so desirable. I really like both the concept and the word. I'm not sure yet what the colors will be, but I immediately though of black and goldstone. Maybe along with some jewel-toned transparents.

I think that's my favorite way to develop a frit blend, to name it first and design it afterwards. It's much harder for me to come up with a color combination and then name it. I've spent hours thinking about what to call the hot red, orange and yellow blend that I have in production. Snapdragon is the front runner, but I've considered many names, Electricity, Supernova, Wildfire, Sun Shower, Star Burst. I've been trying to stick with one word names, but since I am going to design a blend called Island Meadow, one of the meanings of Ryland, my baby grandson's name, I might as well consider two word names for my other blends.

Meantime, in the name of research and development, or possibly because I am a hopeless color junkie, I've been making a list of another vendor's blends to buy during her 4th of July sale. There's a big price break at 16 jars, so there you go, it only makes sense to choose 16 blends. I love my own blends but face it, a girl can get bored with just 10 blends to play with. I'm shooting for 30 of my own blends but I'm taking my time to make them right. One a month feels right to me right now, although if I get a lot of inspiration along with the 14 kilo order, who knows. The sky probably isn't the limit, but if two blends fall into place in a month, so be it.

Here is a photo of Spumoni, some beads made with it, and a egg-shaped bead sampler of all ten of my blends.

"I want to feel what the wind feels like, I want to go that high
And feel no fear instead of being down here, holding up the sky."
Mary Chapin Carpenter

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