Saturday, July 7, 2012

The bead soup blog hop begins

"Who let the greedy in, who left the needy out, who made this salty soup?"

I have a new challenge. I signed up for the 6th bead soup blog party. You may be familiar with the bead soup blog parties, or it may be as foreign a concept to you as it was to me when I first heard of it. A bead soup exchange happens when you are partnered with someone and you send each other beads and components to make something. Or things.

In this particular bead soup blog party, you keep what you make and you reveal it on your blog on your assigned reveal date. Mine is August 25, so I have some time. And that is a very good thing, because in the interim I am going back to see my grandson, and taking two vacation trips, including one that includes the ISGB annual gathering of lampworkers.

Back to the bead soup for the moment. There are 400 people signed up and they have been paired up by Lori Anderson, who writes a blog called Pretty Things. My partner is Margot Potter, who is "is an internationally celebrated designer, author, mixed media artist, trash to treasure trover, freelance writer, consultant, public speaker, actor and vocalist and TV personality who creates innovative designs for manufacturers, books and magazines and teaches popular seminars and classes at craft and major jewelry industry events."

Margot's bead jewelry tastes run to vintage, or faux vintage and interesting funky assemblages of what she calls "your grandmother's crafts." So I hope she will be as inspired by the lampwork focal, spacers and coordinating pearls and glass beads I sent her as I am by the assortment of cool things she sent me. (In this exchange we are only required to use the focal and clasp. Using other items sent is encouraged but optional.)

Margot actually sent me 3 clasps, plus a pendant focal that is something like a locket with a picture (not a photo) in a frame. I also got a length of chain, some blue stars and orange florets that I think are lucite, 6 dangling charms, some artistic wire that looks very appealing, and a couple of handfuls of large round sparkly beads in orange and shiny metallic. I apologize for hosing up the description and hope the pictures below will be more illuminating.

I hope I am up to the challenge because I admit to feeling a bit out of my element here. I'm a bead maker. I'm not a jewelry maker. I string beads, sometimes. But the bead soup blog hop exchange is open to all levels of experience and it's good to stretch yourself. Right? I did find some comfort (and inspiration) in one of Margot's own designs, a necklace called Drop Dead Gorgeous. I think I can work some of the beads she sent me into a design like that and maybe sneak in a lampwork bead or two.

Here is what Margot sent me, which takes 3 pictures to capture, and what I sent her, just one photo. I've also included the (much better) photo Margot took of my beads, plus her cool campy necklace.

Stay tuned for what I come up with. And remember, it's about the journey.

Who let the greedy in, who left the needy out, who made this salty soup?
Tell him we're very hungry now for a sweeter fare.
In the cookie I read, "Some get the gravy, and some get the gristle, some get the marrow bone, and some get nothing, though there's plenty to spare"

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Margot Potter said...

I am quite sure you will whip this salty soup into something delicious, Liz! Hooray!

The wire mesh is a lot of fun to explore! The pendant is a collage I created from a fashion illustration in a 1930s magazine I found at a flea market in Paris. The crystals are SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and the sparkliest of the sparkly and the flowers are Lucite. I tossed in some charms just for fun.

"I took my dream down by the sea
Yankee yachts and lobster pots and sunshine
And logs and sails
And Shell Oil pails
Dogs and tugs and summertime
Back in the banquet line
Angry young people crying"

Joni and I, well we go way back. She has seen me through the darkest days...and the brightest times.


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