Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Celebrating both success and failure

"I know now, only one thing matters in these days, one thing, true love."

The concept needs work but holds promise, I think. I love the shape and I love the colors. The design is a work in progress. I did pull a bunch more silvered ivory and goldstone stringer. I have a game plan anyway.

One of our cats periodically has been making a horrible series of meow sounds and until today I suspected Zamboni. I was sitting here at my computer when I heard the meow-meow-meow-meowing downstaire and I thought, if I'm stealthy enough, I may catch whoever is making the abominable noise.

I didn't have to be stealthy at all, it turns out, because as I slowly rose from my chair, I looked out at the landing and there was Zamboni, looking at me, quiet as a lamb.

I have to wonder, what is going through Loki's mind, what message is he trying to communicate, what instinct is causing him to complain so vocally. He's not sick. He makes a different sound when he yaks, which he already did this morning. And it doesn't sound like he's sick or in pain. It sounds like he's upset, or sad, maybe a bit angry but mostly just unhappy.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty much the way he sounds. Like something isn't right. Like I want to cry, but I have no reason. I don't know why, the things usually cheer me up are falling flat, the little shot of serotonin I usually get, for example, when I sell a bead, just isn't happening right now

Oh, I'm fighting it. I'm going about my days, doing the next sensible thing. And sometimes I'm even winning. It's a roller coaster ride, that's for sure. And I always bounce eventually. I've been so much deeper in it than I am now. This will pass.

This morning Art Bead Scene, a blog I follow posted a link to a free guide, 151 Ways To Boost Holiday Sales put together by the Flourish & Thrive Academy. Which I downloaded, because, did I mention it was free?

I've been thinking (and re-thinking) the social media aspect of promoting my bead sales. I just blew $10 to promote a Facebook post about my new frit blend, Heirloom Roses. Net result, post seen by 1882 people, 16 likes, 4 comments, and no sales (although I sold a few jars of other blends, by chance or not, I can't say). The kicker was that my page ended the week with 2 less likes than it started with.

It was an experiment and now that it's done. I'm considering keeping a lower profile on the social media circuit for a while. Back away, lay low, see if anyone notices. Or not. Either way, I've got to stop investing so much hope in it. Do what I do, have no expectations, que sera, sera.

Anyway, I've been reading the free guide. And I've already gotten my money's worth, before I got to tip number 30, with these two thoughts.
28. Celebrate every sale no matter how big or small.
29. Celebrate the NOs because they get you one step closer to YES.
And that is exactly what I am going to do. Practice celebrating both success and failure.

Also today, I followed a link to this article, The Boo-Boo Cry, by Kelle Hampton, who writes the blog Enjoying the Small Things. The gist of the article is that parents use many tactics to quiet a child crying about a boo-boo, from offering sympathy, making jokes, playing nurse, ignoring, distracting, threatening, and ultimately ordering the child to just stop crying.

Kelle had a wake-up call while venting at length to her husband, after her feelings were hurt by someone else. Her husband told her she'd feel better by not letting it bother her so much and moving on. I thought her response was brilliant.
"Don't you think if I knew where the off button was, I'd push it? I don't want to think about this any more than you want me to talk about it. I promise I'll be fine in a little bit, but I have to talk this out until I feel better."
So yes, I'd love to know where the off button is located. I'd like to know how to stop feeling hurt when I'm feeling hurt. But so far, the only sure cure I know feeling hurt is time. I can talk about it, or I can stuff it, and either way, in time all these petty hurts will lose their sting.

What I'd like to learn is how to embrace the hurt, how to sit with it and learn from it and yes, celebrate it. It's all part of my life story. And while time may heal, time is much too precious to wish away.

In 2001 I lost half a year of my life. It was an experience that I hope to never have again. One of the things I remember with crystal clarity is how my family and friends had grown weary of hearing about it long before I'd stopped needing to talk it out.

It doesn't hurt any more, hasn't hurt for a long time, but maybe I still need to talk it out.

Fortunately, I took notes.

"I've been in this world awhile and I've seen a lot of country
Many days and many miles, all various and sundry
I've had my way and I've had my fun and I've had my chance to run free
Burning hot beneath the sun, freezing cold and wintry

Jump up behind me, my love, jump up behind me
Old Danny can carry us both, jump up behind me
We follow this road till we reach the sea, jump up behind me
We'll catch the tide and set old Dan free, jump up behind me

I know now, only one thing matters in these days
One thing, true love, love and love alone, true love."

(James Taylor)

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