Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Boy

"Oh, and this boy would be happy, just to love you."

He kills me.

I can't believe he's mine. Ours.

He radiates light. He is gentle and unafraid. He is loved, and he knows that. It shows.

He's a little boy now. When, how did that happen?

His mama is mine too. I am lucky. We are lucky.

Two years old today. Wow.

That is all.

And I'll be back with my normally programmed musings. Soon.

"That boy took my love away
Though he'll regret it someday
But this boy wants you back again

That boy isn't good for you
Though he may want you too
This boy wants you back again

Oh, and this boy would be happy
Just to love you, but oh my
That boy won't be happy
Til he's seen you cry

This boy wouldn't mind the pain
Would always feel the same
If this boy gets you back again

This boy
This boy
This boy."

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