Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Taking No

"This is for the ones who stand their ground when the lines in the sand get deeper."

Some people can't take no for an answer.

Some people (like me) have a hard time saying no.

Especially to my bead customers.

One of my customers sent me these two lovely photos of how she was planning to use some of the beads she'd purchased from me. I have to say I love the colors. My beads are the two largest focals in each photo.

She described the second set as "red opal" although what I see is hot pink. I always love seeing how people use my beads. But then she asked this.
Any chance of some red opal eggs?
And I asked this.
You want true red opal - not the hot pink? And what size eggs?
Her response.
The red opal.
And mine. I'm so nice.
I have pastel/opaque reds and striking reds which are transparent but can be struck to a translucent red. I'm not sure there is a true opal red glass. I can make some test beads tomorrow. I just shut the studio down for today.
But not nice enough it seems. She elaborated.
I want the eggs to go with the red set so ideally they would match the red beads you sold me just recently. Clear with an opaque ripple and a swirl and added clear dots. I liked the size you sent as a free gift with the earlier pink beads, kind of a large malted milk ball egg. Robin egg size?
I think we were typing at the same time.
Solid red eggs right? Jolly rancher red?
Because I still hadn't quite gotten it. She answered.
Not really. Egg versions of the oblong beads would be best.
I finally understood what she wanted. And that she had no idea what she was asking for. I explained.
That is a silver glass bead, not really a true red. Silver glass reactions aren't always predictable, and I've never made one in an egg shape.
Her reply.
An adventure?
I tried again.
That silver glass bead has six layers of glass. The problem is, it's just not something I know I can do. You really don't want to pay me to learn.
That should have been the end of it. But no.
That's probably why I love it. It has such great depth. As the egg beads are smaller, how about $10-12 each for two and I'll pay you to try.
I was thinking hard about how I could make this work.
Would a cone shape work? But I'm not sure I can nail that red. I have a beautiful maraschino cherry red. I could make that in an egg shape. I have a sample here. Let me take a photo.
Quick and dirty iphone photo sent (of one of my Beads of Courage Carry a Bead pairs - more on that below).

I needn't have taken the time. She returned with this.
I love maraschino cherries but nope, that wouldn't work. It's the translucence of the others that make them pull it together.
I kept trying.
It's just an iphone shot. The core is opaque and the exterior is translucent.
As I said, some people can't take no for an answer.
No, the color won't work and it's too "flat" - it's the depth of the larger beads I love.
And I finally put on my big girl panties and said it. No.
It's just not in my skill set Karen. I'm really sorry.
And that, at last, was that.

So, Beads of Courage recently asked if I was available to make some Carry-a-Bead pairs for the Miss South Carolina USA beauty pageant, as I had done a year ago. I'm always happy to help, and I get paid a little something, so it's a win-win. Except I got the request on September 30.

I got the request on Facebook messenger. I replied.
Yes, I'd like to - how many do you need and when do you need them? Any special colors?
We need 80 matched pairs. 160 beads/80 matched pairs. The girly colors you did last year would be great. By October 9 would be ideal.
I did the math. I worded my answer carefully.
I never want to say no, but I have a show this weekend, Friday-Sunday, and Oct. 9 is a week from Friday, so I'd have to mail them by Wednesday. I might be able to get 40 pairs done, at a stretch. I love making the pairs but i think they turn out nicer when I'm not working under such a tight deadline.
It turned out the deadline was somewhat flexible.
OK, send when you can.
It sounded good to me.
Will do. Thanks!
But there's always a but. A day later I got another message from BOC.
As a reminder, they were Pandora style/hole size beads.
Oy! (as Neil would say, aka a Neilism.) What I said was this.
I didn't remember that. I have 24 big-hole bead mandrels, so I'll try to get 10-12 pairs each time I torch. I just made 15 pairs with 3/32 mandrels this morning, but I'm sure I can sell them at my show or online.
Always nice. Usually.

From BOC.
OK. I honestly don't remember either. Ashley managed the program last year. So do what you did for last year, thank you!
I did BHBs for the first event I did and after that they were all 3/32. I can ask Ashley if there was a reason for BHBs for the SC pageant.
I messaged Ashley.
Hey Ashley - By any chance, do you remember if we did BHBs for the South Carolina pageant last year and if so, what the reason was?
Luckily, everyone lives online these days.
We did BHB/Pandora size so they could put the keep bead on their bracelets when it was over.
(The bead pairs are carried, for example in a beauty pageant or a hockey game, then one goes to a child fighting cancer and the other is a keeper for the carrier.)
Thanks Ashley. Did they get bracelets too?
I was looking for a loophole.
No, but most of them have them - southern gals.
Not a big enough loophole. There was nothing for it. Back to BOC. Still hoping for a reprieve.
OK, Ashley said we did We did BHBs so the girls could put the keep bead on their bracelets (if they had one) when it was over.
No reprieve was to be.
Ok great thanks so much, Artist on call! Your beads are the best!!!
At least they love me. Me, my beads, same thing.

Me again. Miss Nice. Usually.
Thank you. OK, BHBs it will be.
They are in the mail now. Done. Finis. Over. Yes. I like saying yes. I'm good at it.

I bought some new glass. $100, with free shipping, not a bad haul. I'm having a thing with green and yellow for some reason, although I'm usually more of a cool-color girl. Variety is good though.

I'm excited to have some time at the torch now to experiment with some new ideas. I have some encased purple beads in the kiln right now that look promising. And this pretty set just got snapped up on Facebbok.

Better yet, the weather is cooling. I can start working with silver and enamels again once I turn off the fan that keeps the studio bearable in summer. And I can start taking my camera out on walks and taking pictures. I'm hoping for a scholarship for an intermediate photography class this spring.

As always, so much to do. So much to write about too. Something to look forward to.

For me, if not for you.

"This isn't for the ones who blindly follow
Jingoistic bumper stickers telling you
To love it or leave it, and you'd better love Jesus
And get out of the way of the Red, White and Blue

This isn't for the ones who buy their six-packs
At the 7-Eleven where the clerk makes change
Whose accent makes clear he sure ain't from here
They call him camel jockey instead of his name

No, this is for the ones who stand their ground
When the lines in the sand get deeper
When the whole world seems to be upside down
And shots being taken get cheaper, cheaper

This isn't for the ones who would gladly swallow
Everything their leader would have them know
Bowing and kissing while the truth goes missing
Bring it on, he crows, putting on his big show

This isn't for the man who can't count the bodies
Can't comfort the families, can't say when he's wrong
Playing, I'm the decider, like some sort of Messiah
While another day passes and a hundred souls gone

This is for the ones that I see above me
Three little stars in a great big sky
Light for the world and hope for the weary
They try

This isn't for the ones with their radio signal
Calling for bonfires and boycotts they rave
Exhorting their listeners to spit on the sinners
While counting the bucks of advertising, they'll say

This isn't for you and you know who you are
Just do what you want 'cause I know that you can
But I gotta be true to myself and to you
So on with the song, I don't give a damn."

(Mary Chapin Carpenter)

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Lori Anderson said...

Those hot pink beads are so up my alley. And I had to shake my head at the exchange between you and the event coordinator. Been there.

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